Spring Semester January 19 to May 13, 2016.

    Department        Regular Hours         Exceptions 

Iowa Memorial Union Building

  • Open 24 hours with access  as follows from 2AM to 7AM:

   Entry limited to Hubbard
   Commons doors.

   Access to Ground Floor 
   Learning Commons and 
   public study areas only.
   All meeting rooms will be
   locked at 11PM.


* Welcome
  (1st floor)
- Information -Ticketmaster Sales

  • Monday- Friday
                 7:30AM to 10PM
  • Saturday & Sunday
                 10:30AM to 9PM

    319-353-4IMU (4468)

 *NOTE:  The Hub has been renamed to the Welcome Center and is located in Hubbard Commons


ARC Academic Resource Center
(Ground floor)

  • Monday
             11:30AM to 8:30PM
  • Tuesday     11AM to 7PM
  • Wednesday
           12:30PM to 8:30PM
  • Thursday ;
                     10AM to 7PM
  • Friday
           10:30AM to 3:30PM
  • Saturday          CLOSED
  • Sunday     1PM to 5PM

Hills Bank
(Ground floor)


  • Monday - Friday
                     10AM to 5PM
  • Saturday & Sunday

Iowa Hawk Shop/Book Store (Ground floor)


  • Monday - Thursday 
                     8AM to 8PM
  • Friday       8AM to 5PM
  • Saturday  9AM to 5PM
  • Sunday   12PM to 4PM


ITC Computer Labs
(1st & 3rd floors)



  • 7AM to 11PM


Java House
(Ground floor)

  • Monday - Thursday
                      7AM to 8PM
  • Friday        7AM to 5PM
  • Saturday   9AM to 5PM
  • Sunday    10AM to 7PM

Learning Commons (Ground floor)

  • Same as Building Hours

  •  Same as Building

River Room Café
(1st floor)


  • Monday- Friday
                       7AM to 3PM
  • Saturday & Sunday


Student Health Outreach Clinic
(Ground floor)


  •  Monday- Thursday
                         8AM to 5PM
  • Friday      9:15AM to 5PM
  • Saturday & Sunday



  • Friday April 1
                10AM to 5PM

Student Legal Services (Ground floor)


  • Monday- Friday
                       8AM to 5PM
  • Saturday & Sunday


Union Market
(Ground floor)

  •  Monday-Thursday 
                      9AM to 12AM
  • Friday         9AM to 11PM
  • Saturday     9AM to 5PM
  • Sunday     11AM to 12AM            

Union Station Food Court
(Ground floor)


  • Monday-Thursday
                       7AM to 7PM
  • Friday         7AM to 5PM
  • Saturday
                10:30AM to 5PM
  • Sunday 
                10:30AM to 7PM


 (Third floor)

  • Monday          CLOSED
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday         10AM to 5PM
  • Thursday    10AM to 9PM
  • Saturday & Sunday
                    12PM to 5PM



  • Black Box Exhibit
                  ends May 15