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Ground Floor Revised

Ground Floor


First Floor Revised

First floor

Second Floor Revised

Second floor


Third Floor Revised

Third floor


Driving Directions

From I-80:

  1. Take Exit #244 and turn south on Dubuque St.
  2. Follow Dubuque St. south to Market St.
  3. Turn right onto Market St.
  4. Follow Market St. to Madison St.
  5. Turn left onto Madison St.
  6. Follow Madison St. to Jefferson St.
  7. Turn right to enter the Iowa Memorial Union parking area

From US 6:

  1. Follow US 6 to Iowa Avenue
  2. Turn east onto Iowa Ave.
  3. Follow Iowa Ave. to Madison St.
  4. Turn left on Madison St.
  5. Follow Madison St. to Jefferson St.

Map (via Google)

Custom driving directions to the Iowa Memorial Union (125 N. Madison St., Iowa City, IA 52242).


For information about parking at the Iowa Memorial Union, please visit the University of Iowa IMU parking page