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Reserve rooms online at the IMU

Catering - Event Spaces - Iowa House Hotel

Get help:

To make reservations for events happening in less than 3 days, please call the office.

Creating an Account 

To create your account you will need to fill out this account request form on the scheduling website, which will be processed within 3 days. You will then be sent an email confirmation with details. If you have an event that is happening in fewer than 3 days, regardless of whether or not you have an account, you must contact Event Services at 335-3114 or e-mail us at to reserve a room.

Reservation Policies

All free meeting room reservations must now be made online, except those that are booked less than 3 days in advance.

Reservations for study space may not exceed 2 hours in length.

Making a Reservation

  1. Go to the website 
  2. Click on “Log In” under “My Account” and enter your password. 
  3. Highlight the “Reservations” tab and click on "Room Request".
  4. Enter the appropriate information in the boxes and click on "FIND SPACE" (*designates required field).  For series reservations please click “REOCCURING” on the top right of the box and enter the necessary additional information. A grid of all of the rooms will appear.  If the room is not available, it will be blocked in peach. If your reservation time is not between 8am to 11pm then click on “LIST” to the right of “SHOW RESULTS AS” and you will see a list of just the available rooms at the time you requested. Reservations can not be made online for events in less than 3 days, you must call 335-3114.
  5. Click on the green + sign next to the room you wish to reserve.
  6. Click the “DETAILS” tab and enter the following:
    • Event Name
    • Event Type will default to “meeting”
    • Customer will default to your group/department
    • Choose your name under “1st Contact” and your telephone number and e-mail address will automatically populate.  Only enter 2nd contact if necessary.
  7. Answer the questions under “OTHER INFORMATION” by choosing one of the options in the drop down box.
  8. Submit Reservation.
  9. The next screen shows your room request.
  10. To request the room set for Lucas Dodge, Iowa and/or Penn State Rooms or for additional services (audiovisual, etc) click on the green + sign under “SERVICES” on the request.  Under “AVAILABLE SERVICES” click on “SET-UP NOTES”.  Add the information in the box and click on “SAVE”.
  11. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your request has been approved or denied.
  12. To place a catering orders call 335-3114.
  13. To edit your room request click on the pencil under the “ACTIONS” tab.
  14. To cancel your room request click on the red X under the “ACTIONS” tab.  If you have ordered Catering for the reservation being cancelled you MUST call 335-3114 to cancel the catering.
  15. To view all your requests click "BACK TO MY REQUESTS" in the upper right corner.

Room List 

Standard Set Rooms

Room Setup Capacity Audiovisual Equipment Standard in Room
Bijou Theater Theater 163 Computer, Data Projector, DVD/VCR, Screen, Internet
Hoover Board 12 Internet
Illinois Theater 130 Computer, Data Projector, DVD/VCR, Screen, Internet
Indiana Theater 55 Computer, Data Projector, Internet
Kirkwood U-shape 12 Internet (wireless only)
Michigan Classroom 36 Computer, Data Projector, Internet
Michigan State Board 14 Computer, Data Projector, Internet
Miller Theater 27 Internet (wireless only)
Minnesota Theater 41 Computer, Data Projector, Internet
Northwestern Classroom 40 Computer, Data Projector, Internet
Ohio State Classroom 40 Computer, Data Projector, Internet
Purdue Classroom 24 Computer, Data Projector, Internet
River Room I Tables and Chairs 36 Internet
Wisconsin Board 12 Computer, Data Projector, Internet

Customizable Rooms (Varied Setups)

Room Setup/Capacity Audiovisual Equipment
Iowa Classroom 54
Board 30
U-shape 24
Theater 120
Tables and Chairs 60
Round Tables 56-72
Computer, Data Projector, DVD/VCR, Screen, Internet
Lucas Dodge Classroom 48
Board 30
U-shape 18
Theater 70
Tables and Chairs 60
Round Tables 32-48
Computer, Data Projector, Internet
Penn State Classroom 36
Board 24
U-shape 24
Theater 70
Tables and Chairs 36
Round Tables 32-48
Computer, Data Projector, DVD/VCR, Screen, Internet
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