The Kendall Gallery provides the following services free of charge to exhibiting student artists:

  • Exhibition space for the period of one month (15' x 9' x 3" display case)
  • Catered opening reception for 50
  • 50 invitations
  • Vinyl lettering for the Kendall Gallery window
  • Title Cards
  • Mounted artist statement
  • Photo feature on the Kendall Gallery website.

Submission guidelines:

To submit your art work to be considered for a showing, please attach artwork* and include the following in an email to

Name, address, phone number, email address, year in school, artist statement, and major.

Artist statement:

Please limit to two paragraphs.

*Artwork submission specifications:Files should be submitted in PDF form and due to space constraints artwork should be no thicker than 2.5 inches. Files should be named as such: firstname_lastname1.jpg (ex: joe_smith1.jpg, firstname_lastname2.jpg) Please also list what each file is.(ex: joe_smith1 - Portrait of Mom 12x12 photograph.jpg or joe_smith2 - Portrait of Sister, 14x18 painting.jpg)


1. Describe your work and medium.
2. Would your exhibition be themed? If so, please describe.
3. Do you have enough work for a solo exhibition? If so, how many works would you like to present for exhibition?
4. Will you require any special equipment?
5. Other details we should know.