Sponsorship & Donation

The Iowa Memorial Union is proud to provide sponsorship to all types of student, department, and public events. The numerous requests that are received throughout the year are reviewed monthly by the IMU Public Relations Committee and approved or denied with the goal of supporting the efforts of as many student organizations, departments, and other charitable groups as possible while maximizing IMU marketing efforts. The Committee meets on the first Friday of each month.

Public Relations Committee

  • Student Life Marketing + Design
  • Cory Lockwood, Iowa Memorial Union Administration
  • Center for Student Involvement and Leadership
  • Kelli Haught, University Catering 
  • Stuart Stutzman, Student Org Business Office (Non-voting member)

Policy Details

IMU departments will individually approve/deny donation requests up to $500.  Requests over $500 are reviewed for approval by the committee.  Committee approved requests over $2000 are forwarded for final approval to the IMU Director of Events and Facilities.  All donations and sponsorships are tracked centrally to ensure no one organization is receiving major donations independently from various departments within our organization. 

To request sponsorship or donations for an event your application must be submitted online by the last Wednesday of the month for  consideration at the upcoming meeting. The Public Relations Committee reviews applications on the first Friday of each month and informs the applicant of their decision by the second Friday of each month.


  1. Sponsorship requests should include recognition or a marketing opportunity for the sponsoring department or the IMU.
  2. In general, donations on an annual basis will not be approved.  Some exceptions will be made and looked at individually when received.
  3. Student groups serving alcohol at their event will not be considered for sponsorship.
  4. Events that are personal in nature (example raising funds for someone with medical bills due to illness) will not be considered.
  5. Only events taking place on the UI campus will be considered. Events held within the IMU are given first priority. Events hosted off the UI campus will not be considered. 
  6. Donations will be made with student organizations given first priority, departmental requests second priority, and public requests third priority.
  7. In general, donations will be made in the form of product or services provided in kind.  Trades between individual departments will fall under marketing for business purposes and are not reviewed by this committee.
  8. In general, the IMU Sponsorship Program will not fund, or provide services in kind, for the full amount of an event.  However, exceptions will be considered when reviewing the request.
  9. In order to be considered,the final budget plan for the event must be supplied by the requesting organization WITH the application when it is submitted.
  10. Donation requests must be submitted prior to an event, retroactive donation requests will not be considered.
  11. To begin and submit your application please   click here