**Please note, bake sales will not be allowed to take place until further notice.**

Registered student organizations are permitted to conduct bakes sales in the IMU at specified tabling areas or on Hubbard Park.  All regulations set by the Johnson County Department of Public Health and IMU must be strictly followed.  An Event Information Form (EIF) is required for all bake sales. Bake sales must follow all information table guidelines.  Student organizations can reserve information tables online here

IMU Bake Sale Guidelines

  1. Student organizations must utilize the services of the IMU Business Office, including a cash box and direct deposit to the organization's University account. A sign must be visibly displayed during the sale stating that all products come from a kitchen not under state inspection or licensure.
  2. A complete list of goods for sale must be provided to IMU Event Services before the sale date.  Only those items included on the list will be permitted at the event.
  3. Bake sales can take place at any IMU Information Table location, but only one bake sale can take place per floor at a given time.

Public Health Bake Sale Guidelines

  1. Goods are limited to shelf stable non-hazardous baked goods (e.g., no cheesecake, custards, or other baked goods that require temperature control).
  2. Sales events may not exceed one day per calendar week and not on two (2) or more consecutive days.
  3. Sales are conducted on the premises of the sponsoring organization (i.e. must be on designated UI property).
  4. All goods must have visible labels listing all ingredients (see http://www.johnson-county.com/dept_health.aspx?id=4485 for more information on labeling).