The IMU River Terrace is the 6,000 square foot space outside of the Main Lounge and overlooks the IMU River Amphitheater and Iowa River.  This space includes outdoor seating and umbrellas for casual dining, meetings, or to simply enjoy the view of various university campus buildings. 

South River Terrace

The south section of the IMU River Terrace, the South River Terrace, is open to the public at all times and is a venue for student sponsored events through the Campus Activities Board

North River Terrace

The North River Terrace is available for private events and is not available to rent alone.  The North River Terrace is included with a Main Lounge and/or Sunporch rental. In order to reserve the North River Terrace and Sunporch on their own, it must be within one month of the requested event date when the Main Lounge is not booked.  Click here to see the full policies for the North and South River Terrace or contact our office for further details.

Great uses for the North River Terrace space include:

*When making reservations, please consider an alternative in case of inclement weather

Contact information

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Call: 319-335-3114