Danforth Chapel

The Danforth Chapel was built in 1952 as a place of worship, meditation, and prayer as well as an oasis where students could reflect on their daily lives. The IMU accepts reservations for the Danforth Chapel by request by student organizations, university departments, and university guests.

Reservation Guidelines

  1. The Chapel is reserved Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm for quiet reflection. Reservations for the Chapel during this time are generally not permitted. Requests for exceptions can be submitted to the IMU Event Services Office at 159 IMU or (319) 335-3114 for review by IMU Administration.

  2. Weddings and other events may reserve the chapel Friday 6pm to 1:30am and Saturday and Sunday 10am to midnight. Weddings are allowed a three (3) hour block of time the day of the wedding and a one hour block of time before the wedding for rehearsal.

  3. Decorations must not be pinned to the pews at any time. Please see the decoration policy for approved decorations and ways to affix decorations to the pews and walls. 

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