Digital Displays

Terms of Use  

Digital displays are a designated public forum for registered student organizations and university departments. These slides run on the TV screens throughout the IMU building. The content does not express nor reflects the position of the Iowa Memorial Union or The University of Iowa.

The University firmly believes in free speech, free expression and the right to dissent. However, every right carries a corresponding obligation or duty. The University hopes that displays will generate enough discussion within the community to increase sensitivity toward issues of diversity and human rights thus facilitating the University's obligation to protect both the free speech and human rights of its various constituencies.

In the event of controversies resulting from the contents in a display space, the IMU Event Services Office will attempt to arrange a meeting of those organizations involved in order to facilitate an exchange of ideas of diverse vantage points and a better understanding of the ideology or message of the display. If requested and if space permits, the IMU Event Services Office will offer an equal opportunity to the protesting organization to use a display space to present their viewpoint and will be reserved at the first available time.

Reservation & Display Guidelines    

  1. Digital displays are managed by IMU Event Services. For questions about display policies and posting procedure, contact us at or call 319-335-3114. See a complete guideline for slide specifications.

  2. Display reservations are allowed for three (3) weeks per semester and can be in consecutive or weekly increments, based on individual organizations needs.

  3. Digital display materials must be submitted online one week in advance of the preferred display date(s).

  4. Student Life Marketing & Design may be hired to create a design for your display. M+D staff will prepare JPG images for the digital space for a by-the-hour charge if logos and text are provided, plus other associated imagery for the event. Work will commence upon receipt of a blue requisition for design time and the content. To utilize this service visit

Submit a Digital Display Here 


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