Event Advertising

Please see the Advertising & Promotion section of the website for promotional opportunities for student organizations and university departments. 

Poster signs and A-frames

Poster signs and A-frames are not allowed inside the IMU as forms of advertising or as directional signage for events. A-frames are permitted outside of the IMU the day of the event and must advertise or direct guests to events within the IMU. Signs may not block pedestrian traffic and are limited to one sign per entrance. Before placing an A-frame at any entrance approval must be granted by IMU Event Services. IMU staff reserve the right to remove any A-frame not complying with this policy.


Easels are allowed in event spaces, next to registration or display tables, and directly outside the door of any event space. Signs may not be in the line of traffic, blocking a stairwell, or blocking access to life and safety devises at any time. The IMU staff reserve the right to move any sign not in an approved location or blocking life and safety services.

Event Signage

Signs may not be taped to IMU doors or around the IMU at any time. See the IMU decorating policy for complete instructions.  Groups choosing to place signs inside of event spaces provided are responsible for removing the signs at the end of the event.
Some IMU way finding signs are equipped with a black bar at the bottom for the purpose of notifying guests of specific event locations. Those hosting an event in the IMU are allowed to use this space for directional signs on the day of their event only.
    • The way finding bars are not for the purpose of event advertisement.
    • The bars have a roller clip at the bottom that can only accommodate an 8.5x11 regular sheet of paper.
    • All signs must be typed and cannot be a solicitation.
    • Events not held inside the IMU are not allowed use of the bars.
To request an exemption to the signage policy please contact the Associate Director or his/her designee at 159 IMU, or by calling 319-335-3114. 

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