Information Tables & Bake Sales

**Please note, bake sales will not be allowed to take place until further notice.**

Information Tables

 Information tables are provided so that registered student organizations and departments may make contact with students for the dissemination of information or to collect funds or other support (e.g., signatures, supplies) from persons outside its membership. University guests or other non-university vendors or companies are not allowed at the information tables for sales-related, fundraising, or commercial activity without being sponsored by a registered student organization in good standing with the Office of Leadership, Service & Civic Engagement.

Each organization maintaining a table in the IMU is responsible for requiring individuals to remain behind the table, providing a member in attendance at the table, and providing a printed banner or a printed block letter sign, no smaller than 8 1/2 x 11, with the student organization or department name.

  • All materials and literature must be contained to the table.
  • All tables must remain in designated areas and the use of extra tables will not be allowed without the permission of the Facility Coordinator.
  • IMU Event Services reserves the right to deny approval to groups not following these guidelines.
  • Food and beverages purchased from UI Catering may be distributed during a tabling event.
  • Other food and beverage products may not be distributed without permission from IMU Event Services with the exception of individually wrapped small candies.
  • If sales are involved, the student organization must utilize the services of the IMU Business Office/Student Organization Business Office, including a cash box and direct deposit to the organization's university account. When sponsoring external vendors for the purpose of sales a signed External Sponsorship Agreement form is required. University departments are not allowed to sell goods for fundraising in the IMU. Sales must not be in direct competition with vendors within the IMU without the approval of that vendor.
  • MBNA is the exclusive vendor for student organizations who conduct credit card solicitation. Credit card solicitation requires a signed External Sponsorship Agreement in addition to the Event Information Form. The University of Iowa Alumni Association is the University contact for MBNA and is located at 100 Levitt Center for University Advancement.
  • An Event Information Form (EIF) may be required for student organizations using information tables. This will be determined by the IMU Event Services Office.

Bake Sales

Registered student organizations are permitted to conduct bakes sales in the IMU at specified information tabling areas or on Hubbard Park. All regulations set by the Johnson County Department of Public Health and IMU must be strictly followed. A Bake Sale Approval Form is required for all bake sales.

IMU Guidelines:

Student organizations must comply with University of Iowa cash handling procedures. Appropriate cash handling training will be received during the EIF process. A sign must be visibly displayed during the sale stating that all products come from a kitchen not under state inspection or licensure. This sign may be picked up at the IMU Event Services Office, IMU 159 and should be returned at the end of the sale. 

A complete list of goods for sale must be provided to IMU Event Services before the sale date. Only those items included on the list will be permitted at the event.

Public Health Guidelines:
  • Goods are limited to shelf stable non-hazardous baked goods (e.g., no cheesecake, custards, or other baked goods that require temperature control).
  • Sales events may not exceed one day per calendar week and not on two (2) or more consecutive days.
  • Sales are conducted on the premises of the sponsoring organization (i.e. must be on designated UI property).
  • All goods must have visible labels listing all ingredients (see for more information on labeling). 


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