Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations 

Registered student organizations in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) are eligible to reserve space and receive a subsidized rate for use of the space acknowledgement of the department’s receipt of student service fees. Only student officers of registered student organizations are permitted to make reservations for IMU venues.

Student organizations are eligible to make series, individual meeting room, promotional, and solicitation reservations beginning April 15 for the upcoming academic year and are not to exceed ten (10) reservations per month (unless otherwise noted in this document).  Additional reservations are allowed on the first day of each month for the following month. 

Series and individual meeting room reservations must be submitted via the web booking system (the Web App), with the exception of reservations for rooms within three (3) days of use. All other requests can be submitted to

Political Events

Before sponsoring a political campaigning event, the student organization representative must contact the Director of the IMU, in 145 IMU, or call 335-3059 to make an appointment. University Guest rates may apply to political events.

Study Reservations 

Meeting rooms may be reserved by student organizations for the use of study space for the group. Study room reservations will count towards the ten (10) allowed bookings per month. Study reservations cannot be longer than two (2) hours in length and are not allowed during the last two weeks of each semester.  

Study room reservations may be cancelled by IMU Administration if the student organization’s study reservation limits IMU meeting room space. Every effort will be made to find other accommodations for meeting room reservations being cancelled.

Event Information Forms

An Event Information Form is required for reservations with one of the following situations: reservations for rooms with a rental fee, Hubbard Park, blood drives, bake sales, and rallies. EIFs are also required for organizations paying a speaker to attend their event, showing or playing copied righted material, charging admission/collecting funds, or any other reservation deemed as required by IMU Administration.

The form will be sent to the student planning the event after a reservation is already in place with the IMU Event Services Office. The student is responsible for obtaining the appropriate signatures and returning the form to the IMU Event Services Office for final review.  Completed forms, accompanied by any necessary payments, must be returned before a reservation will be confirmed.  EIF’s should be initiated four (4) weeks before the event date and returned completed and ready for the final approval from the IMU Associate Director two (2) weeks before the event date. 

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