The  online reservation system or the Web App can be used by registered UI student organizations and departments to make IMU free meeting room reservations. Student organizations can also reserve information tables and Danforth Chapel on the EMS Web App. For any other IMU space requests, please visit the Reservations Page for instructions. 

Reservations for spaces needed less than 72 hours/3 days in advance of the event date must be made by calling 319-335-3114 or emailing

Student organizations can begin making series or individual space requests online beginning April 15th for the upcoming academic year and are not to exceed ten (10) reservations per month. University departments are eligible to make series or individual meeting room requests online beginning May 1st for the upcoming academic year.

Please visit the Web App login page here. All IMU Meeting Room photos, set up options, and available equipment are listed online. 

Sign Up for an Account

In order to make reservations online, you must first submit a request for an account here. Please give the Event Services Office up to three business days to process your pending account before you can make reservations. You will be notified via email when your account is approved.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click on “Log In Now” and enter your user ID (FULL uiowa email address, i.e. and the password you selected when you requested your account (note your password is unique to Web App and is not connected to any other accounts, including your HawkID). Select “Login”. You will be redirected back to the home page and your name will be on the top right corner. 
  2. To make a request, hover over the “Reservations” icon and choose the appropriate selection from the drop-down menu (i.e. Department Meeting Room Request for faculty/staff or IMU Meeting Room, Danforth Chapel, or Info Table Reservation for students). 
  3. Enter the appropriate required information in the boxes on the left hand side of the page (*designates required field) then click on “FIND SPACE”.  
  4. Click on the green + sign next to the space you wish to reserve.
      1. If a space is not available, it will be blocked in blue or will have a blue line through it. A blue line indicates another events “set up” time. Most spaces require at least 30 minutes for setup. If you select an event with a conflict, you will receive an error message that says “request would create a conflict with another booking”.
      2. If you receive an error message that reads “Request violates building hours”, the building is closed during the time you are requesting.
  5. To select more than one date or space on one reservation: follow the steps below.
      1. For daily, weekly, or monthly reservations reoccurring at the same time: select “reoccurrence” under “When and where” and enter the appropriate information.
        1. A “list” of available spaces will appear and display the number of dates that they are available in the selected time period. Click the green + sign next to the space you wish to reserve.
        2. If that space is not available for all of the dates you selected a message will appear that says “the location you selected is not available for all of your dates”. Push ok then select the yellow “search remaining dates” button on the left to find spaces on the remaining dates.
      2. To request a reservation that includes multiple spaces, dates, OR times: after clicking on the green + sign and details of each space selected will show above under “selected locations” You can continue to select spaces or add “when and where” and “find space” on the left column and choose to add multiple spaces, dates, or times. Spaces can be removed by clicking the red x.
  6. Once you have selected all of the spaces you would like, click on the “Details” tab to enter the following:
        1. Event Name (to be displayed on the IMU Building Screens on the date of your event)
        2. Event Type: typically “meeting” for meeting rooms
        3. Customer: the student organization(s) or department(s) that you belong to should be displayed in the dropdown menu. Please only select the group that you are making the reservation for. If you do not see the appropriate group name, please email or call 319-335-3114.
        4. 1st Contact: Choose your name under “1st Contact” and verify that your telephone number and e-mail address populate correctly.  
        5. 2nd Contact: Only enter 2nd contact if you would like someone else in your organization to be copied in all email communication regarding the reservations you are making.
  7. Answer the questions under “OTHER INFORMATION” by choosing one of the options in the drop down box or adding details in the text box.
  8. For meeting rooms only: indicate under “AV equipment” if you plan on using the meeting room equipment or if you would like to connect your laptop using a VGA cable. Note: VGA cables are compatible with PCs. If you have a MAC you will need to provide the appropriate adaptor to hook up to the meeting room AV. The IMU does NOT have these available
  9. After all required fields are completed, scroll to the bottom of the page and read the terms and conditions. If you agree, check that you have reviewed the terms.
  10. Submit Reservation.
  11. The next screen shows your request.
  12. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your request has been approved or denied by IMU Event Services Staff. Please allow three business days for us to process your request.
  13. To place a catering orders call 335-3116 or email Menus can be found online at
  14. To edit or cancel your request click on the pencil under the “ACTIONS” tab or email
    1. If you have ordered Catering for the reservation being cancelled you MUST call 335-3116 to cancel the catering arrangements.
  15. To view all of your requests, hover over the “Reservations” icon and select “View My Requests”