Our mission

Developing leaders, creating connections, building community

Our values

  • Relationships: Collaborating with and caring about students, alumni, and campus & community partners

  • Inclusion: Affirming and celebrating all backgrounds and personal identities through inclusive and equitable policies, programs, services, and spaces

  • Ingenuity: Nurturing and supporting a culture of creativity that feeds imagination and meaningful discovery

  • Performance: Expecting and achieving a safe environment; strong, ethical business practices; and consistent, exceptional hospitality

  • Student Success: Creating and promoting inclusive educationally purposeful programs and services, as well as fun activities

Our vision

The IMU will be known for student success and learning, inclusive programs and activities, exceptional hospitality and service, and trusted campus and community partnerships.

IMU Values Awards

Annually, the IMU selects employees from the organization who embody a particular IMU value throughout the year. Beginning in 2019, awards were presented to both staff and student employees. Please see below for past recipients.

  • Relationship: Emma Welch (Multicultural & International Student Support & Engagement); Emma Perkins (Academic Resource Center)
  • Inclusion: Jose Recendez (Student Life Communications); Missy Uehara (Academic Resource Center)
  • Ingenuity: Drea Tinoco (Leadership, Service, & Civic Engagement) Alison Bowers (Iowa Hawk Shop)
  • Performance: Sabin Hicks (Iowa Hawk Shop); James McMillan (Iowa House Hotel) 
  • Student Success: Alyssa Pomponio (Student Legal Services); Jenis Jusufovic (Student Organization Business Office)

  • Relationship: Eric Rossow, Office of the Vice President for Student Life (staff); Evan Hansen and Dean Wibe, Welcome Center (student)
  • Inclusion: Teri Schnelle, Office of the Vice President for Student Life (staff); Zhou Xie, Banquets and Catering (student)
  • Ingenuity: Chris Gantt, Guest and Event Services, (staff); Mara Frieden, Student Life Communication (student)
  • Performance: Koté Batonisashvili, DSL Information and Technology Services (staff); Alexander Feller, Iowa House Hotel (student)
  • Student Success: Anna Holbrook, Student Care and Assistance (staff); Harrison Ersbo, Hawk Shop (student)

  • Relationships: Katie Martin, Event Services (staff); Michael Berger & Lauren Philips, Student Engagement & Campus Programs (student)
  • Inclusion: Cory Lockwood, Event Services (staff); Janell Nguyen, Office of Multicultural & International Student Support & Engagement (student)
  • Ingenuity: Anna Soergel & Holly Miller, Student Engagement & Campus Programs (staff); Jenna Gross, University Housing & Dining (student)
  • Performance: Janelle Polley, Iowa Hawk Shop (staff); Nick Currant, Student Life Communications (student)
  • Student Success: Lisa Kohler, DSL Business Office (staff); Charles Vazquez, Dean of Students (student)

  • Relationships: John Cory, Event Services (staff); Brandon Vacco, Student Life Marketing + Design (student)
  • Inclusion: Alex Linden, Office of Leadership, Service, & Civic Engagement (staff); Charlotte Lenkaitis, Office of Leadership, Service, & Civic Engagement (student)
  • Ingenuity: Jose Recendez, Student Life Marketing + Design (staff); Colin Lakadat, Apple Services Center (student)
  • Performance: Lori Husmann, Iowa Hawk Shop (staff); Michael Cluchey, Event Services (student)
  • Student Success: Colton Smith, Student Life Human Resources (staff); Regan Smock, Dean of Students (student)

  • Relationships: Kristi Finger, Event Services (staff); Sam Richter, Welcome Center (student)
  • Inclusion: Charlotte Brown, Office of Leadership, Service, & Civic Engagement (staff); Juan Malagon, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (student)
  • Ingenuity: Rick Nicely, Event Services (staff); Brandon Jenkins, Event Services (student)
  • Performance: Amber McNeal, Iowa House Hotel (staff); Abbigail Baccam, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (student)
  • Student Success: Laurynn King, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (staff); Derik Rush, Welcome Center (student)

  • Relationships: Mary Schultz, Event Services & Facility Operations
  • Inclusion: Kelly Soukup, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Ingenuity: Jason Eilderts, Iowa Hawk Shop
  • Performance: Bobbi Houselog, University Club
  • Student Success: Erin Fitzgerald, Marketing + Design

  • Relationships: Deb Heck, Iowa Hawk Shop
  • Inclusion: Holly Webb, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
  • Ingenuity: Patrick Dolphin-Leahy, Event Services & Facility Operations
  • Performance: Krasi Tsonev, University Club
  • Student Success: Stuart Stutzman, Student Organization Business Office