First floor

river room meeting room in IMU

River Room One

Room number: 103A

Capacity: 18

Seating: Board Room

Tables, chairs, and a whiteboard

River Room Two

Room number: 103B

Capacity: 18

Seating: Classroom

Theater with podium, screen, and rows of seating.

Iowa Theater

Room number: 166

Capacity: 163

Seating: Theater

Second floor

Alternate angle of tables and seats.

Academics Room

Room number: 256

Capacity: 18-70

Seating: Multiple Layouts

Five tables pressed together with fourteen chairs, whiteboard.

Arts Room

Room number: 257

Capacity: 14

Seating: Board Room

Four tables in square with fourteen chairs, window, wall displays.

Athletics Room

Room number: 259

Capacity: 14

Seating: U-Shape

Round table with six seats, wall of large windows to outdoors.

SAC Board Room

Room number: 260D

Capacity: 8

Seating: Banquet Rectangles

Third floor

Five rows of twenty chairs each with a whiteboard, projector, and podium.

Divine Nine Room

Room number: 335

Capacity: 24-109

Seating: Multiple Layouts

Eight tables in a rectangle with twenty-five chairs, some wall displays of Multicultural Greek Council.

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) Room

Room number: 337

Capacity: 24-80

Seating: Multiple Layouts

Four tables with a dozen chairs facing a podium with a computer and projector.

Global Welcome Room

Room number: 339

Capacity: 10

Seating: U-Shape

Tables, chairs, projector, and whiteboard with colorful signage

Native Nations Room

Room number: 341

Capacity: 24

Seating: Classroom

herky classroom in the iowa memorial union

Herky Room

Room number: 343

Capacity: 39

Seating: Classroom

homecoming room in the iowa memorial union

Homecoming Room

Room number: 345

Capacity: 39

Seating: Classroom

Six Rows of seven to eight chairs facing the front of the room, featuring a table and two chairs, whiteboard, projector, podium and computer.

47 Things Room

Room number: 346

Capacity: 66

Seating: Theater

Six rows of seven chairs each facing a front and center table with two chairs.

Old Capitol Room

Room number: 347

Capacity: 41

Seating: Theater

At front, large screen with podium and computer. Facing screen, nine rows of approximately 130 seats total.

Big Ten Theater

Room number: 348

Capacity: 130

Seating: Theater

Four tables with twelve seats total facing the front and center table with two seats.

Iowa Firsts Room

Room number: 349

Capacity: 14

Seating: U-Shape

student leadership classroom with desks

Student Leadership Room

Room number: 351

Capacity: 34

Seating: Classroom