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The University of Iowa has a long and distinguished list of ‘firsts.’ The events listed in this room are among those unique moments that first occurred at the UI. Highlights include:

  1. "1847: Since its founding, the University of Iowa has admitted women, as well as men, the first public university in the U.S. to do so. Beginning in 1860, women were admitted on an equal basis with men. Since its founding the University has also accepted qualified students regardless of race."
  2. 1868: The first college of law west of the Mississippi River was founded at the University of Iowa."  
  3. "1870: The nation's first coeducational medical school opened its doors for classes."  
  4. "1873: Mary Hickey Wilkinson, one of the first women in the U.S. to receive a law degree, graduated from the College of Law."  
  5. "1935: Hawkeye swimming coach, David Armbruster, originated the butterfly stroke and the flip turn.  
  6. "1939: The University of Iowa established the nation’s first blood bank to use preservative agents for long-term storage."  
  7. "1940: The nation's first Master of Fine Arts degrees were awarded to three students: Elizabeth Catlett, Jewel Peterson, and Harry Edward Stinson. Catlett, a sculptor, was also the first African American woman to receive the M.F.A."  
  8. "1944: Richard Culberson was the first African American to play basketball in the Big Ten."  
  9. 1954: Jewel Limar Prestage became the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. in political science from an American university.  
  10. "1958: America’s entry into the space race was propelled by the launching of the Explorer satellites, whose data-gathering equipment was designed and constructed by an Iowa research team headed by James A. Van Allen, a professor of physics.  
  11. 1970: Gay Liberation Front was the first LGBT student organization in the U.S. to receive official university recognition.  
  12. "1971: Lilia A. Abron became the first African American woman in the nation, and third woman at the University of Iowa, to receive a Ph.D. in chemical engineering."
  13. 1971: Philip G. Hubbard became the first African American to be named a vice president at a Big Ten university when he was named Vice President for Student Services.  
  14. 1983: C. Vivian Stringer became the first African-American to coach a Big Ten women’s basketball team.

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