About the project  

The IMU Flood Mitigation and Recovery Project went underway to recover the Ground Floor and provide protection from future flooding. Work started both inside (mainly the Ground Floor, although there was some work on the First Floor) and outside the IMU (all four sides). The IMU remained open during the entire project. There were some inconveniences, but every effort was made to minimize them by providing communication through the IMU website, email, and building signage.

The completion date for the interior work was April 2015; and for the exterior, May 2015. We continue to look forward to greeting the Class of 2019 during summer orientation 2015 with a fully recovered and operational IMU.

Please send any questions regarding the project to imu@uiowa.edu

Flood mitigation and recovery features

  • The completed IMU ground floor has reclaimed 83,000 square feet of space lost to flooding. 
  • The project is a FEMA recovery project from the flood of 2008. 
  • Migitation defined: the prevention of future flooding by the use of permanent and temporary flood walls. 
  • Recovery defined: restoring the ground floor to the same function and design as it was in 2008

Ground floor features 

  • Learning Commons ITC
  • Hills Bank - campus location
  • Iowa Hawk Shop / Book Store
  • Union Station Food Court
  • The Hawkeye Room student lounge and performance venue
  • Convenience store
  • Coffee shop
  • A TV lounge and study area

More information and pictures of the renovated ground floor can be found at this link

Questions or comments? 

Contact us by phone at 319-335-3114 or email us at imu@uiowa.edu.