The Memorial Honor Roll at the Iowa Memorial Union recognizes the students and alumni of The University of Iowa who have given their lives in service to the nation as members of the armed forces.  

“And if this magnificent structure is to fulfill the dreams out of which it has arisen it can only do so by stirring the impulses of the young men and women of Iowa to lives of service to mankind.”

- James Weaver
Iowa Memorial Union dedication
February 6, 1926

Memorial Honor Roll

The main memorial display is located on the first floor and honors all UI students and alumni who died during U.S. armed conflicts. Located in the Hubbard Commons, a glass case encloses American and Iowan flags, with plaques listing the names of students and alumni who died during World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. The names of the fallen are also listed in this digital honor roll by conflict below.

 World War I

  • 1914-1918 and the years following.

World War II

  • 1939-1945 and the years following.

Korean Conflict

  • 1950 and the years following.

Southeast Asian Conflicts

  • 1962 and the years following.

Operation Enduring Freedom

  • 2003 and the years following.


"Some left an office, cornfield, factory, But these men left the study of mankind, Glory and gloom of mortal history, The wonder, madness, logic of the mind, The live cell, atoms cunningly combined. They closed their books, death closed their eyes, so we, The lucky Iowa living, still could find A future in our human liberty."

 -Paul Engle

From “For the Iowa Dead”

 Service of Dedication of the Memorial Honor Roll at the Iowa Memorial Union, March 25, 1956

Main Lounge entrance, east side

In the Main Lounge entrance on the east side of the IMU, plaques hang commemorating the university's service in training navy personnel for World War II. The walls are engraved with quotes outlining the building's purpose.

Main Lounge entrance, north side engraving

"And if this magnificent structure is to fulfill the dreams out of which it has arisen it can only do so by stirring the impulses of the young men and women of Iowa to lives...of service to mankind."

Main Lounge entrance, south side engraving

"...So this memorial union, this temple, this rendezvous of youth and hope and possibility, rises in memory of the university's sacred dead, dedicated to the ideal of service for which they made a supreme sacrifice."


Screen Shot 2014 05 29 at 2.08.02 PM

Iowa and War: The State University of Iowa and the Civil War

by Ellen M. Rich
Published by the State Historical Society of Iowa, 1918

Screen Shot 2014 05 29 at 2.08.23 PM

For the Iowa Dead

by Paul Engle 
Written for a Service of Dedication at the State University of Iowa, 25 March 1956

About this page

This online representation of the Memorial Honor Roll is a joint project of the Iowa Memorial Union of The University of Iowa, University of Iowa Veterans Services, the University of Iowa chapter of Student Veterans of America, and the University of Iowa Archives, University of Iowa Libraries.

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World War II

1939-1945 and the years following Aikens, Philip Raymond, 1939-40, USMC Allred, Robert E., 1934-35, USAF Anderson, Ernest L., 1941-43, USAF Anderson, Franklin J., 1938-40, USAF Anderson, Frederick E., 1934-38, USA Anderson, James M., Jr., 1936-37, USAF Anderson, Lawrence D., 1939-40, USN Angel, James Alfred, 1933-37, USAF Arnold, Robert Dodge, 1936-40, USA Asa, Marion Lee, 1941-42, USN Baker, Lowell Dean, 1937-40, USAF Baker, Marshall C., 1941-43, USN Baker, Robert Ward, 1934-40, USA Baldwin, Thomas Arlando, 1925-30, USN Ballard, Ted Allen, 1939-41, USAF Barlow, Howard H., 1916-20, USA Barnes, Dale E., 1929-33, USA Beck, Sumner L., 1936-38, USAF Bell, Robert M., 1941-43, USA Bigelow, Kenneth James, 1938-40, USN Blandin, Carl Wilkes, 1937-39, USAF Blaul, Milton A., Jr., 1938-39, USAF Blaylock, John Robert, 1937-41, USAF Bloethe, Leonard Walter, 1938-42, USA Bloom, Francis A., 1937-38, USA Bolte, Rudolph Eugene, 1930-34, USA Bottorff, Robert Thomas, 1941-42, USAF Boulton, Verne James, 1925-26 Bowers, John E., 1944, USAF Brearton, William S., 1936-38, USAF Brennan, Martin King, 1935-38, USAF Briggs, Robert Karl, 1939-43, USA Brooks, Bruce B., 1938-42, USAF Brooks, Robert Lester, 1935-41, USNR Brown, Robert Elson, 1936-39, USAF Burk, Theora Bruce, 1939-41, USAF Burriss, Zedford W., 1933-37, USMC Bush, Donald M., 1936-38, USAF Butsch, James A., 1936-41, USAF Buttler, Richard C., 1938-39, USAF Cadwell, Newell Lewis, 1931-35, USA Cain, Bryce Max, 1939-40, USAF Callan, William C., Jr., 1941-42, USN Camery, Donald E., 1944-45, USA Carlson, Morris A., 1938-41, USAF Carrigg, Paul Robert, 1936-40, USA Carroll, Edward M., 1932-36, USA Cavanagh, Thornton James, 1937-41, USAF Clark, Charles, E., 1934-35, USA Clark, George D., 1939-41, USAF Cockburn, George H., Jr., 1936-37, USA Coen, Robert John, 1936-41, USAF Connor, Howard B., 1931-40, USAF Coon, Bernard H., 1941-43, USA Cornick, Ray Leland, 1934-35, USAF Cox, Marble E., 1939-43, USN Crampton, Walter L., 1933-37, USA Cripe, Kenneth, 1941-42, USN Cronin, Robert Charles, 1940-41, USN Cross, Jerome Ryland, 1938-39, USAF Curel, Frank J., 1924-28, WC Decker, William Joseph, 1935-39, USN Dedrick, Emerson Robert, 1939-41, USMC Demaree, Robert Chester, 1935-41, USN Derrer, Verne Howard, 1933-37, USCG Donohoe, Charles Joseph, 1934-39, USA Drewelow, Raymond J., 1939-40, USAF Dreyer, Milton, 1935-36 Drobner, Martin Sanford, 1942-43, USA Drummond, Willis Hinton, 1918-24, USA Duckett, Carlton Lewis, 1937-40, USA Dunham, George Kenneth, 1939-43, USA DuPre, Richard L., 1941-42, USAF Dutton, Finley J., 1942-43, USAF Earley, Joe Campbell, 1937-40, USAF Ebert, Paul Eugene, 1939-40, USAF Eby, Robert Nichols, 1937-40, USA Eckles, Wayne Osten, 1935-38, USAF Eddy, Albert Charles, 1939-41, USAF Eland, Thomas, 1935-38, USA Ellis, Alfred Reese, 1930-33, USAF Emerson, Dewitt, 1913-18, USN Erbacher, John Marvin, 1938-39, USA Evans, John Hakes, 1936-42, USMC Evans, William Ellis, 1940-41, USAF Feldman, Norbert Bert, 1939-41, USA Filmer, Lionel Everett, 1941-43, USMC Finton, Norman W., 1936-39, USA Fisher, Lester Harold, 1938-39, USA Folkedahl, Willis H., 1940-42, USN Ford, Robert Douglas, 1943, USA Forman, Percy, 1935-39, USAF Fortune, Joseph E., 1932-35 Frandsen, Earl C., 1934-39, USA Fraser, Hugh Kirk, 1936-40, USA Friesner, Curtis David, 1929-30, USA Gardner, Robert E., 1941-43, USA Garner, William F., 1940-42, USNF Garton, William, 1893-98, USN George, Keith Edward, 1929-37, USA Gibson, Clifford E., 1944-45, USAF Gilleard, W.

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