Digital displays are a designated public forum for registered student organizations and university departments. The slides are displayed on TV screens throughout the IMU. The content does not express nor reflects the position of the Iowa Memorial Union or The University of Iowa. Display reservations are allowed for three (3) weeks per semester and can be in-consecutive or weekly increments, based on individual organization’s needs. Digital displays are managed by IMU Event Services, for more information on digital display guidelines and policy click here, or contact IMU Event Services at or call 319-335-3114. Please allow our staff at least 5 business days to approve your request, so we ask that you plan ahead accordingly when submitting these requests. Thank you!

Creating your slide

Digital displays slides must fit the specifications described in this document in order to be displayed on the IMU screens.

Submit your slide

Submit your slide by filling out the following form:

Digital Signage Submission Form