IMU Nurse Care

Student Health & Wellness has a new office that will enhance healthcare access for students on the east side of campus.  IMU Nurse Care is located in the lower level of the IMU (room G103), next to the Java House. Hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 9:15 AM to 5 PM on Friday. Every day Nurse Care closes at 1-1:30 for lunch; the office closes at 4:30 during academic breaks.


IMU Nurse Care is staffed by Registered Nurses and services offered include vaccinations, assistance filling out forms, and providing information and answers to students who have questions or need guidance on health issues. Nurse Care has an integral role in holding flu vaccine clinics across campus, for helping students meet health requirements so they can register for classes, for providing needed vaccinations, and participating in campus activities that promote education and awareness of healthcare services available to students. Nurse Care has primary responsibility for new student orientation, screening of incoming international students, managing health science student requirements, and for coordination and management of any infectious disease outbreaks or issues on campus.