Chalking, defined as the marking of a surface with chalk in order to communicate a message, is available for registered student organizations to publicize an upcoming event which that organization is sponsoring that will be open to all students. 

The message/artwork must include the name of the sponsoring student organization and may only be created with water soluble chalk (aka “sidewalk chalk”).  Chalking is only allowed on the three sidewalks that are the perimeter to Hubbard Park (North, East, and South sides).  See the full policy here.  Reservations are not required for chalking.  Please see below for a map of approved outdoor chalking locations.

Another informal chalking opportunity is available on Chalk Talk chalkboards in the IMU.  Individuals and/or student organizations may write messages, quotes, or other information on the Chalk Talk boards.  Boards are cleaned by IMU staff weekly.  Chalk Talk boards are located in the River Room, Student Activities Center, and The Chalk Talk Lounge in Ground Floor.