**Bake sales continue to be suspended until further notice.**

Information tables are provided so that registered student organizations and UI departments may make contact with students for the dissemination of information or to collect funds or other support (e.g., signatures, supplies) from persons outside its membership. An Event Information Form (EIF) may be required for student organizations using information tables. This will be determined by the IMU Event Services Office.

University guests or other non-university vendors or companies are not allowed at the information tables for sales-related, fundraising, or commercial activity without being sponsored by a registered student organization in good standing with the Office of Leadership, Service, & Civic Engagement.  Bake sales can take place at any IMU Information Table location, but only one bake sale can take place per floor at a given time.

For a full list of information table policies, click here

Reservations & Requirements

One table and two chairs will be provided with your IMU Info Table reservation. Each organization maintaining a table in the IMU is responsible for requiring individuals to remain behind the table, providing a member in attendance at the table, and providing a printed banner or a printed block letter sign, no smaller than 8 1/2 x 11, with the student organization or department name. All materials and literature must be contained to the table.  All tables must remain in designated areas and the use of extra tables will not be allowed without the permission of the IMU Event Services Office.

For information tables, there is a maximum of (3) hours per day and (2) bookings per week, per organization

Both student organizations and departments should email the IMU Event Services office at imu-eventservices@uiowa.edu to request their tabling date, time, and location. 

Information Table Locations

Four tables are available for use inside the IMU.  Tables 1 and 2 are located on the first floor in Hubbard Commons, underneath the TV screens by the Welcome Center.  Tables 3 and 4 are located on the Ground Floor in the hallway across from the Chalk Talk Lounge.

See a map of the Information Table locations.