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Chalking on Campus: Regulations and Guidelines 

Chalking is defined as the marking of a surface with chalk in order to publicize an upcoming event sponsored by a registered student organization. Registered student organizations may chalk ONLY to publicize an upcoming event that is open to all students. The chalking must include, and must be limited to, the event title (may not exceed seven words), event location and time, and the name of the sponsoring registered student organization.

Only registered student organizations may chalk, and the chalking is restricted exclusively to designated areas on campus, which are the three sidewalks that are the perimeter of Hubbard Park (north, east, and south sides) and T. Anne Cleary Walkway (between Jefferson St. and Market St.). Only water-soluble chalk, commonly known as “sidewalk chalk,” may be used; liquid or spray chalk is prohibited.  Chalk is not provided by the IMU. Chalking outside of the Iowa Memorial Union and on or around the Pentacrest is strictly prohibited.

The language used in the event title, event location and time, and the name of the sponsoring registered student organization may not include any obscenity, profanity, or language threatening individuals or groups of people or to incite physical or psychological harm.

No individual student or registered student organization (or non-student acting on behalf of a student or registered student organization) may erase, remove, efface, write over, modify, or otherwise impair the legibility of any chalking. The registered student organization originally responsible for a chalking may erase, remove, or modify its own chalking, provided, however, that the modification shall be a chalking otherwise permissible under this policy. The University may impose disciplinary sanctions on an individual student(s) or registered student organization responsible for such erasing, removing, effacing, writing over, modifying, or otherwise impairing the legibility of any chalking.

Complaints and questions about chalking should be directed to the Office of Student Engagement & Campus Programs at 157 Iowa Memorial Union, 319/335-3059, or

To the fullest extent permitted by the First Amendment and other applicable law and consistent with the other University policy, the University reserves the right to remove any chalking that does not comply with this policy and may impose disciplinary sanctions on the sponsoring registered student organization. The University will notify the registered student organization of the policy violation and of the authorization for Facilities Management to remove the chalking. Costs associated with removal will be charged directly to the registered student organization. If the registered student organization does not have a student organization account, or has insufficient funds to cover the cost of removal, other privileges may be forfeited, including but not limited to, loss of registration status, loss of access to funding from UISG or GPSG, and loss of on-campus space reservation privileges.

Here is a map of approved outdoor chalking locations: 

Chalking Inside the IMU

Another informal chalking opportunity is available on Chalk Talk chalkboards in the IMU.  Individuals and/or student organizations may write messages, quotes, or other information on the Chalk Talk boards.  Boards are cleaned by IMU staff weekly.  Chalk Talk boards are located in the River Room, Student Activities Center, and The Chalk Talk Lounge on Ground Floor.

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