Chalking on Campus: Regulations and Guidelines 

Chalking of sidewalks is a means of expression.  It may be used in many ways, including to announce programs, promote events, exchange opinions, share messages, and otherwise express ideas.  This policy is designed to permit sidewalk chalking while also advancing important university interests, including but not limited to ensuring campus safety, safeguarding entrances and exits to and from university facilities, protecting University property and facilities, and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of campus.  

For the complete policy regarding chalking on campus, please visit this websitePlease see below/here for a map of approved outdoor chalking locations.

Here is a map of unapproved outdoor chalking locations: 

Chalking Inside the IMU

Another informal chalking opportunity is available on Chalk Talk chalkboards in the IMU.  Individuals and/or student organizations may write messages, quotes, or other information on the Chalk Talk boards.  Boards are cleaned by IMU staff weekly.  Chalk Talk boards are located in the River Room, Student Activities Center, and The Chalk Talk Lounge on Ground Floor.

Digital Displays

Terms of Use  

Digital displays are a designated public forum for registered student organizations and university departments. These slides run on th… Continue reading

Table Tents

Tabletop space is made available for announcements about university events and services. The display of informational material in the IMU should not b… Continue reading

Hubbard Park Fence

Three (3) spaces are available on the Hubbard Park Fence for registered student organizations and university departments to hang signs and/or banners … Continue reading