The IMU has set forth guidelines for decorating within the IMU facility and event spaces. Any one not following policy may lose reservation privileges and/or be charged a cleanup fee. 

Guidelines and Regulations when Decorating 

  1. Blue painters tape is the only approved method to attach decorations to walls, doors, ceilings, or woodwork. If any other means is used to attach decorations they will be removed. For the purpose of this policy directional or event advertisement signs are not considered decorations. Please see Directional Signage and Event Notification policy for additional information. 

  2. Light weight decorations (i.e., paper letters, balloons, leaflets, etc.) may be attached to stage curtains and backdrops with straight pins.

  3. Open flames are not permitted in any event space in the IMU or Danforth Chapel. Oil hurricane lanterns and battery operated tea light candles are available for a charge based on availability through University Catering. Requests for exceptions to this policy can be made to the IMU Associate Director.

  4. Balcony railings may be used for hanging banners, crepe paper, streamers, etc. Zip ties are the preferred method for hanging items from balcony railings.

  5. All decorations must be removed by the sponsoring group or organization at the end of the event. IMU staff will dispose of any decorations remaining after the event. Labor charges for clean-up will be assessed where applicable and will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

  6. Damage fees will be applied as necessary.

  7. Sidewalk Chalk: see the complete chalking policy here.

  8. All decorations must comply with local, state, and national fire regulations and may be subject to approval by local fire authorities.

  9. All decorations must be approved in advance by the IMU Event Services Office.

  10. All organizations are responsible for setting up their own free standing decorations as well as removing them at the end of the event.

  11. The use of glitter or confetti is prohibited. Groups using glitter for decoration or making signs in any IMU space will be charged a cleaning fee of $25 per hour.

  12. Tacks, push pins, or staples are not allowed except on bulletin boards or portable panels.

  13. IMU Staff reserves the right to remove postings in violation of IMU Policy.

  14. Fog and smoke machines are allowed provided arrangements have been made at least ten (10) days prior to the event date. Additional fees may apply to events requesting use of a fog or smoke machine. 

 For more information, Contact Event Services


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