Financial Obligations for Facility Use

Payment Schedule & Deposit Amounts

Registered Student Organizations

Reservation payments must be submitted two weeks in advance of event date. If payment is not received, the event or reservation will be cancelled with charge.

University Departments

Payment in the amount of the full room rental is due seven ( 7) business days from the date of holding the room. Deposits are refundable for up to one year prior to event date. Payment for remaining charges will be due upon receipt of an invoice post event date.

University Guests

Payment in the amount of the full room rental is due seven ( 7) business days from the date of holding the room. Deposits are non-refundable. Payment for remaining charges must be collected seven (7) days prior to the event date or the event may be cancelled with charge.

Government Agencies

Payment for the full event must be paid in advance of services. Payment is non-refundable. Deposit is due seven (7) business days before the event or the event may be cancelled.

Guidelines, Policies, & Fees 

Facility Rates

See the Banquet & Ballroom Space and Meeting Rooms for information regarding facility setup and rates. 

Financial Responsibility

Failure of an organization or individual to meet financial responsibility for damages incurred in a facility during the terms of occupancy, failure of such an organization or individual to reimburse the Union for stipulated and required service, misrepresentation by an authorized representative in regard to a facility reservation request, or failure of officers, members or their guests to observe provisions of these IMU Event Services Policies may subject an organization and its officers as individuals to a denial of further use of facilities, services and programs within control of the Union.


Registered student organizations and University departments may not reserve space for other organizations for the purpose of lower rates or to extend limitations for reservations as outlined in this document. The organization or individual who holds the reservation must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing, and financing the event. The IMU reserves the right to evaluate and make final determination of appropriate rates. If intentional misrepresentation has occurred, this may result in suspension of reservation privileges in the IMU for the organization that holds the reservation, in addition to being charged the higher of the two rate structures.

Unfulfilled Financial Obligations 

Any unfulfilled financial obligation to the IMU may result in loss of reservation privileges, collection agency action, and/or charge to a University MFK account.

Billing Disputes 

Billing disputes must be submitted to the IMU Event Services Office, 159 IMU, within ten (10) business days of the event date in order to be reviewed.

Exceptions to any of the guidelines, policies, or fees mentioned in this document require the approval of the IMU Associate Director or his/her designee. 

Additional Damage/Cleaning Fees

Customers shall surrender possession of the IMU venue to the IMU at the conclusion of the event in good condition. Customer shall reimburse the IMU for any and all costs the IMU incurs to repair any damage to the venue or other property or equipment arising out of or in connection with the customer’s use of the IMU venue. Customers will also be charged a custodial fee for any post event cleaning that goes above and beyond the standard cleaning time. Additional custodial fees are $25.00 per hour outside of normal cleaning time.

Overdue Invoices

When a university department has not paid all event charges at the end of the fiscal year, a report will be provided to the University Business Office for collection of those debts. Further restrictions on the account may be placed on departments not paying in full for event activities within the fiscal year.
University guests that are 90 days or more overdue will be sent to collections.

Cancellation Policy

Electrical Connect/Disconnect

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Additional Building Hours

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Event Security

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Event is open to the public
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