Table Tents

Tabletop space is made available for announcements about university events and services. The display of informational material in the IMU should not be considered an endorsement by the Iowa Memorial Union or the University of Iowa. Approval for table tents will be given to student organizations and university departments for promoting university sponsored events.

  1. Table tents must be strictly informational (for example publicizing events, meetings or programs). Table tents expressing specific opinions or beliefs will not be approved.

  2. All materials distributed at the Iowa Memorial Union must be approved by IMU Event Services.

  3. Table space may be reserved for a minimum of three days in a row and a maximum of five days. Organizations are only allowed one reservation per month.

    • Table tents should be 8.5"x5.5" and folded in half to form tent measuring 4.25" wide x 5.5" tall, so that it stands like a greeting card; they must also be printed on cardstock.
    • Only one table tent will be displayed per table in any designated area at one time unless otherwise approved by IMU administration.
    • IMU staff will remove and recycle all table tents at the end of their reservation.

  4. A finished table tent must be provided to IMU Event Services before final approval is given.

  5. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to place the table tents on the tables in the designated area.

    • To maintain necessary sanitary conditions, IMU event staff will dispose of table tents as they become stained or dirty.
    • Organizations may replace table tents each day throughout the reservation.

  6. IMU Event Services reserves the right to cancel existing reservations and deny approval of future requests to groups not following these guidelines.

Table tents are permitted as follows:
Location                               Number of Tents

Hubbard Commons                            27

144-157 IMU Hallway                          4

Big Ten Lobby                                      10

Iowa Black Box Lobby                        11

IMU Ground Floor                               83

River Room*                                        70

TOTAL                                                  205

*Private dining and meeting rooms are not included

*The Iowa House lobby is not included 


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