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University Guests

Reservation Information 
Individuals, without University affiliation, and Non-University Organizations are eligible to reserve space, however they mus… Continue reading


Student organizations or university departments making the initial reservations are to be held as the responsible organization for the event. If a bal… Continue reading


The IMU has set forth guidelines for decorating within the IMU facility and event spaces. Any one not following policy may lose reservation privileges… Continue reading

Cancellation & No Show Fees

The IMU Senior Associate Director or his/her designee makes the final determination as to whether a room rental deposit may be moved to the new reserv… Continue reading

University Departments

Reservation Information
University departments and federal, state or local government agencies are eligible to reserve space and pay a rate that is es… Continue reading

Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations 
Registered student organizations in good standing with the Office of Leadership, Service & Civic Engagement are elig… Continue reading