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Public Spaces

The following areas within the IMU are designated shared or public space and may not be reserved by student organizations, university departments or u… Continue reading

Outdoor Spaces

The University of Iowa has several spaces for outdoor events available to student organizations, departments, and university guests.  To reserve an ou… Continue reading

Danforth Chapel

The Danforth Chapel was built in 1952 as a place of worship, meditation, and prayer as well as an oasis where students could reflect on their daily li… Continue reading

IMU River Terrace

Conditions of Use
All policies governing the sale of goods in the IMU by student organizations will be applicable on the Amphitheater.

More than one … Continue reading

Hubbard Park Policy

Conditions of Use

More than one event at a time may be scheduled on the park. The number of events permitted simultaneously will be the decision of t… Continue reading

The Hawkeye

The Hawkeye is the student lounge located in the IMU ground floor. This space is open to the general public and cannot be reserved for private events.… Continue reading

IMU River Amphitheater

Reservation GuidelinesThe IMU River Amphitheater is available for reservations from 8am to 10pm. Requests for exceptions can be submitted to IMU Event… Continue reading