University Guests

Reservation Information 

Individuals, without University affiliation, and Non-University Organizations are eligible to reserve space, however they must acknowledge a Facility Use Agreement, are subject to the guidelines in this manual, and pay a guest rate for use of the facilities.

Persons who are guests at a function operated by the IMU may be limited in their use of the union to the venue accommodating the function, to which they have been invited, and other general public facility and service areas.
Sponsored Events

University guests may be sponsored by student organizations without permission from IMU Administration. If a student organization is sponsoring a public group the student rates structure may apply, with the exception of political campaigning events. 

  • In the event the public group is selling goods of any kind, an outside sponsorship agreement must be filled out.
  • A student from the sponsoring organization must be part of the event planning process and will be required to fill out and Event Information Form (EIF).
  • A student from the sponsoring organization must be present during the event. 


The IMU has set forth guidelines for decorating within the IMU facility and event spaces. Any one not following policy may lose reservation privileges… Continue reading


Student organizations or university departments making the initial reservations are to be held as the responsible organization for the event. If a bal… Continue reading