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All food and beverage services in and around the Iowa Memorial Union are to be provided by University Catering. For health and safety reasons, groups are not permitted to self-cater or deliver food items to the IMU for events in the facility. See the University Catering website for more information about University Catering.

Exception: ONLY UI Registered Student Organizations are allowed to bring in pizza from vendors outside of the IMU, for meetings/events in the facility. This exception does not apply to University Departments or outside guests.

Student Organizations may request use of an Alternative Catering Provider in writing at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. Forms are provided in the University Catering Office, 154 IMU, and must be filled out in coordination with the Event Information Form initiated in the Event Service Office, 159 IMU. Contact the University Catering staff at 319-335-3116 for additional information. 

University Catering and IMU Administration will consider exceptions to this policy when:

  • Events are requesting food ethnically or otherwise unique that University Catering staff determines they cannot prepare.
  • Religious events require special food or special food preparation.
  • Food is provided to an organization as an in kind donation.