Hubbard Park Fence

Three (3) spaces are available on the Hubbard Park Fence for registered student organizations and university departments to hang signs and/or banners for the purpose of promoting special events or activities occurring on Hubbard Park or in the Iowa Memorial Union; reservations are limited to one per month. The available space is located on the north end of the Hubbard Park fence at the corner of Madison and Jefferson Streets.

  1. IMU Event Services, 159 IMU, must review all banners before they may be hung on Hubbard Park Fence. All signs/banners will:

    • Identify the sponsoring organization/department by name
    • Indicate the name and date of the event or activity being promoted
    • Not be posted for more than five (5) consecutive days
    • Be limited to promotion of approved University events on Hubbard Park or in the Iowa Memorial Union only
    • Not exceed eight (8) feet long by four (4) feet high in size
    • Not hang other decorative items (streamers, balloons, etc.)to the fence or banner without prior approval
    • Not contain sponsoring corporations logos or names
    • Will be attached to the fence with string or plastic zip ties

  2. If spaces are not occupied within two (2) hours of the reservation time, they will be forfeited. Forfeited space will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  3. All signs and banners must remain in the designated areas of the Hubbard Park Fence. The use of extra spaces will not be allowed without the permission of the IMU Facility Manager. Reservations do not guarantee a specific location on the fence. Space on the fence is determined on a first-come, first-service basis. Signs and banners are not allowed on other campus fences.

  4. The Iowa Memorial Union reserves the right to remove signs and banners from the fence and cancel future reservations of groups not following these guidelines.

  5.  It is the responsibility of the student organization or department to place the banner and remove it from the fence, not the responsibility of the IMU Event Services office.

For more information contact Event Services


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