Hubbard Park Policy

Conditions of Use

  • More than one event at a time may be scheduled on the park. The number of events permitted simultaneously will be the decision of the IMU Event Services Office.
  • All policies governing the sale of goods in the IMU will be applicable on Hubbard Park. Policies regarding solicitation by student organizations will apply on Hubbard Park.
  • Failure to obtain approval for the use of the Philip G. Hubbard Park, or violation of applicable University regulations during use, may result in the withdrawal of the privilege of use.
  • If park conditions are not suitable for use, the IMU reserves the right to cancel, move, or schedule rain back up dates. All effort will be made to notify groups three (3) days in advance of the scheduled event date.
  • Tents and other items cannot be set on the park without prior approval. An Iowa One Call to Building and Landscape Services will be required before driving anything (i.e tent stakes, posts, etc.) in the ground to prevent damage to the sprinkler system and underground cables. Groups are responsible for coordinating these requests with IMU Facility Coordinators.


There is no fee for use of Hubbard Park by registered student organizations and university departments unless special expenses or damages occur. The IMU Fee Schedule applies to all special expenses. University Guests may be permitted to use the park with special permission. Please contact IMU Event Services for more information and to determine an estimate. 

  • Philip G. Hubbard Park is reserved on an “as is” condition. Requested set-ups such as staging, tables, lining of the field, etc., are the responsibility of the user to arrange. Some items may be requested from IMU Event Services in limited quantities. Please see the Hubbard Park section on this page or email an IMU Facility Coordinator for additional pricing. 
  • Users are expected to leave the park in the same condition in which they received it. Users will be charged for any damage, clean-up, or misuse of the park. These charges are determined by IMU Administration.

Sound Amplification Guidelines

Amplified sound is restricted on Hubbard Park in the following ways:

  • Audio levels will be measured in decibels (dB) from the sidewalk surrounding Hubbard Park.

  • Audio levels measuring at 60 dB or less are allowed at any time.

  • Audio levels measuring at 70 dB or less are permitted Monday through Friday between the hours of 12:20 PM and 1:30 PM.

  • Audio levels exceeding 75 dB are permitted on Friday between the hours of 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM, and on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 10:00 PM

  • Any City of Iowa City sound ordinances must also be met.

  • The Iowa Memorial Union reserves the right to require audio levels to be lowered at any time.

Water Availability

Water is available on Hubbard Park on the north side of the park. Please see the fee on our website with ground water usage charges. Please make arrangements for water usage with an IMU Facilities Coordinator.

Electrical Hook Up

110 single phase electrical outlets are available at all times for no fee along the east park fence. 220 single phase electrical outlets are available on the north side of the park and must be arranged in advance of use. A fee for 220power hook up will apply. Groups with other power needs will need to use a generator and must make those arrangements themselves. Please indicate your electrical needs before your event date or at the time of reservation.

Internet Access

Must be arranged directly with Campus IT Services. Fees will apply.  Wireless connectivity to Eduroam is available on Hubbard Park to those with a HawkID.

Balloon Launch/Lantern Release

These types of activities are not allowed due to shared air space with UIHC AirCare. 

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